I’ve not abandoned my .5 readers, life is just getting in the way of everything fun these days. Boo!

Reading is non exsistant these days. One of my liason’s at work really surprised me. He rang me to convey his condolences on the Peshawar incident. Conversation took a turn Peshawar>Religion>Agnostisism>Cognitive theories and he suggested a book — Thinking, Slow and Fast by Daniel Kahneman. Very interesting book but the kind that reads like a light text book and takes a good part of the year to finish reading if you want to take anything away from it. I also have two work related pieces to finish up; one on Hedge Funds and the other on the dreaded Derivatives. Mind you I think I know something about the two later subjects but once you start reading and taking notes and working out numbers – so time consuming. Sorry my lovely Vampires you shall have to wait.

My BIL is an avid reader too – last time he was in the area, he was checking out my books. He reads very dry stuff like history etc – I asked how he could digest that. He promised me, my tastes would change as well. I laughed then – and now I read nonfiction most of the time. Oh how the tides have turned.

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