Landline By Rainbow Rowell

Title:      Landline

Author:  Rainbow Rowell

Pages:   300 PP

After reading Fangirl (YA novel) my interest peeked about reading an adult novel by Rainbow Rowell.  I have to admit, she does not disappoint.

Landline opens up to the life of a 30 something TV comedy writer, Georgie McCool (– who are we kidding, she had me at the name!) whose life seems perfect to the naked eye.   She’s got a hit sitcom, works with her best friend, is married to her college sweetheart and has two adorable girls to call her own.  Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, her writing partner Seth (gorgeous Seth – who may I mention is in love with her) and Georgie have a chance to pitch their own show.  However, they must work through Christmas to meet deadlines.   Working through a holiday is nothing new to Georgie but this time around her husband isn’t taking it lying down – he insists they go see him mother in Omaha as planned.

Enter reality, the evil witch who insists on uncovering the perfect façade and exposing all that us ugly.  Georgie’s marriage is actually on the rocks, she has a difficult time balancing the many loves in her life: Neal/her kids/Seth/writing.   She’s a fighter though, and determined to win back what’s most important to her. The motivation for her struggle to regain her balance is exactly that …well she DOES have all these loves in her life and that she’s actually a very lucky person.  She’s just confused and in the wrong place? Confused seems to be an apt word to describe Georgie.  What will she aim for, her career or Neal?

The story of the main protagonist coming to realizations about her own life is an endearing one. Some scenes seem to be taken right from the life of every other working parent. The love that is the core of their marriage seems all too familiar.

Overall, I say on a rainy Sunday pick up the book and give it a go.  Like Fangirl – Landline will leave you with a light sense of hope.

The Landline recipe coming up shortly.


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