The Cliche Book Shelf

Has anyone else noticed the increase in bandwagon authors lately?

I feel like I can describe the entire new releases in about …hmm 3 words

  • Vampires
  • Christian Grey wannabes
  • YA melodrama

I remember there was a time when you had to read the synopsis of the book to find out what it was about. Now you can literally judge a book by its cover. Yesterday I found myself literally skimming books at the store and using these two categories. “O EM GEE” folks!

So you know what I did? I bought To Kill a Mockingbird – I read it in school but never bought a copy of my own.

Is anyone else frustrated with the variety of books these days?

One thought on “The Cliche Book Shelf

  1. So funny…I just bought my 10-year-old a few of the books I read and loved in school, including “A Wrinkle in Time.”

    Totally agree that the genre thing can be so tiring!


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