Spring Cleaning

A little off topic to my usual rants – but is anyone else feeling the need to do some major spring cleaning?

I feel like every room I walk into I see stacks of things that I don’t need/want. Clutter – clutter – clutter.

And the walls look drab! I see nicks and bumps from when Captain America ( my 5 yr) battled Batman (my almost 7 yr old). What to do? No amount of cleaning is good enough. Can I knock down my house and rebuild it? Start from scratch? My husband thinks I’m nuts — please tell me someone else has a hidden Danny Tanner come Martha Stewart in them somewhere !!!!  What are some ways you get over this feeling of cluttered clusterphobia?

2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

    • Living with two hoarders is probably why you can’t stand clutter. I’d like to think that I spring clean year round as well – but aroudn this time of year I need to see bigger changes in my daily landscape. This weekend I started to look for new ligth fixtures around the huose and tyles for the powder room. Translation: New ways to go broke.


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