FIP Book Review: Exquisite Corpse by Pénélope Bagieu

Name: Exquisite Corpse

Author: Penelope Bagieu

Pages: 128

Summary: Zoe is a car show girl with little or no aspirations.  Her life consists of an ill-mannered boyfriend, no real friend and a dead-end job. Until one day she stumbles upon a man who could possibly be the man of her dreams. He’s astute, literary and gentlemanly — but he’s got plenty of skeletons in his closest. For instance, why he pays the delivery man through a closed door. And why does his ex-wife visit him at night?

FIP Summary:

Two words “culture shock!”  This is my first ever graphic novel. I enjoyed it. I missed the details (his broad shoulder’s held up his trunk of a neck perfectly while his arms glistened showing the definition of his muscles as he chopped down my cherry tree) but enjoyed that the illustrations told a story of their own. Thomas and Zoe looked allot different in my head. Agathe looked about the same.

I was also shocked at the usage of bad language, I think I read to much rate PG YA, this incapacitation could be mine alone.  Also, maybe because I was so busy looking at the pretty pictures, I totally bought into the whole false clues about the ending. When Zoe landed where she did and with whom- I was totally surprised. And then I chuckled and outright giggled. And loved it! Like “A’t a girl!”

Overall, I enjoyed the book allot. I would recommend it for a quick short 30 minute stint.

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