The Mama Diaries

Its funny how much of your like isn’t about you after having children.

Last night I dreamt my 6yrs old’s afterschool teachers where skipping and jumping down the school hallway chanting spells. They stopped and started making circles around me like I was a cauldron.  Yes it was a perfect scene out of Macbeth’s Double Double Toil and Trouble.

I never did like those three. They seem to have little or no interest in children but work out of necceccessity and convenience.

I think the dream was triggered when I went to pick up my child and he was sitting empty handed at a table of full of children snacking near tears.  I asked what was wrong and he said he didn’t want a snack and that some girls at the next table were bullying him.  Knowing the teachers were useless I asked the girls what happened — unfortunately there was no resolution reached when four 6 yrs old girls talk to you at the same time.  To me there are two layers of problems here: first that the teachers didn’t notice my son was that upset, and second that they have no problem (or didn’t notice) a parent trying to resolve the issue.

*sigh* I want to put my son in a bubble, take him away from this cruel world. But I know I have to teach him to fight his battles.  No one told me parenting was so hard.

May God bless mine and yours. Amen.

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