Between the Lines

There is a drought on the reading end. I’ve become one of those people who read multiple books at once. I never understood that … until now.

The first is The Opposite of Loniless; I am enjoying this book quite a bit but find it heavy and dark. I can’t digest this in such large quantities, I need breaks in between. I do want to finish and write about the book soon though.

The other is Deborah Harnkess’ The Book of Life, it’s the last part of a trilogy. OMGGGGG it drags; and I actually need to jot down a character map to keep up with who is whose mama. The author is  true novelist and it would be an injustice not complete the series, but this is definitely not my usual taste. I didn’t pick this book, it picked me.  A friend of a friend picked up the first book at an airport while she was traveling – told her friend it was really good. I bought it for my friend who said I should read it first because she was riding the waves of Game of Throne glory. I did read it  — and like my true self I must finish what I started.

… must I? What if I left the story of Diana and Mathe
w hanging?  Have you guys every abandoned a book midway?

3 thoughts on “Between the Lines

  1. I used to force myself to finish everything, but in the past couple of years have embraced the adage that life is too short to finish books you don’t like! If I get bored, I stop reading, not even a question for me anymore.*

    *Exception: I have forced myself to finish some classics. I recently read “On The Road: The Original Scroll” which is one giant run-on sentence that I barely managed to finish. I’m glad I did, since Kerouac has such a way with words, but man, it was hard. Other classics I’ve tried to get through multiple times, but just couldn’t do it (ahem, Anna Karenina).


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