FIP Series Review: The 100 by Kass Morgan

Titles:    The 100 / Day 21 / Homecoming

Author: Kass Morgan

Lots of ‘firsts’ in this review, it’s the first time I’ve reviewed an entire series rather than a single book and it’s the first (and probably only) time I will tell you the TV show was better.

I really had high hopes for this series, it had all the ingredients of an epic read.  Modeled after The Lord of the Flies, there was an adolescent run society, a strong female lead and all the dystopian conspiracy your little heart desires.   But for some reason it falls short. Oh wait, I know why – because in the middle of saving humanity all Clarke can think of is Bellamy. WTF.

I did like the idea of the narrative switching POVs – but ultimately I was looking for an ending that would tie out everyone’s story. Other than the characters knowing each other or living on the same space station, there was no joining factors. Clarke, Bellamy and Wells were a triangle totally separate from Glass and Luke’s love story.  Even the deaths in the story felt so …hmm expected.

The character struggles were so forced – the resolutions rushed.  Heck the entire 3rd book could probably be summed up in one sentence.  The drama was typical.  Octavia was the biggest let down – she basically was a babysitter and anyone who’s watched the show knows she’s badass warrior girl.  This series over all just left me very unsatisfied.  Skip the book and watch the series – much more entertaining and gritty.

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