You know it always amazes me how connected the world has become. I like to check the stats on my blog every now and then, just to keep a pulse on what types of entries picked up viewers.  Today I saw a viewer from Bahrain.  How amazing!

I sincerely believe the Human race has started its journey to an absolutely peaceful co-habitation. Will we get to the destination in time? That’s the question of the millennium.

14 thoughts on “Connecting

  1. Ha yes! I wish the stats included more details on where people come from and how they got here.

    P.S. I’m on book 3 of The Raven Cycle now and though I am still not totally satisfied with the “endings” of either book (because they’re both cliffhangers and not real endings at all) I can’t stop reading. But for some reason I thought this was a trilogy and it’s NOT, I have to wait til February for the 4th one 😦


    • How they got here would be interesting as well.

      Oh no!! So get ready for a cliffhanger before you’re long wait.

      BTW – are you a Twilight fan? Did you hear about the new book with gender swaps?


      • Ha, that’s a loaded question. I did read all those books, cringing at the poorly-written parts the whole way through–but at the same time, I couldn’t stop reading. Meyers is not the best sentence-writer, but she is pretty great at creating tension. That being said, I can’t really see how the exact same story with different genders is going to create the same kind of page-turning tension. I’d be curious to flip through it but it’s not something I’d go out and purchase. How about you?


      • Ditto on the writing. But I am such a sucker for the Romeo Juliet star crossed lovers thing. I absolutely love the Twilight series. I have a life size Edward Cullen at home (which the husband keeps snarling at). So I did go out and buy the 10th anniversary edition.

        In the forward, Meyers herself mentions improving her writing structure. That should be interesting.

        I’ve read just the around 15 pages and so far – the male version of Bella, Beau seems depressed. Kinda makes you think about gender biases. I think unconsciously I was much more willing to accept a whiny Bella then I am a whiny Beau. I haven’t met Edythe yet so can’t say much about that.

        Yup – there goes my weekend. Hopefully I’ll remember to feed the kids. *eek*


      • Ooh! Keep me updated!
        See I’m a sucker for the falling-for-the-best-friend thing–which is probably why it keeps happening in the novels I write–so I like New Moon way better than Twilight. Team Jacob the whole way. I was so annoyed by how that love triangle ended!


    • Just need to stop by and update you–I finished the third book and I’m obsessed. They’re great. So much so that I went back and changed my rating to 5 stars on all the books. The fourth one needs to get here ASAP.


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