5 Wishes from the Book Genie

Here’s an interesting question for you, if you were granted 5 wishes from the Book genie, what would they be? I’ll share mine, but you folks have to share yours as well.

  1. Live and in person conversation with Edward Cullen
  2. An extra week every month where time stops for everyone else but I can read and drink tea. When I emerge from this week, nothing will have changed for the rest of the world
  3. Infinate amount of books.  Like a monthly Birchbox but for books.
  4. A personal library, like the one in Beast’s Castle in Beauty and the Beast (this would probably be where I hide out in my extra week that no one else has)
  5. Hang with a Rainbow Rowell character.  I’ll take Cath from Fangirl, Park or Eleanor from P&E, Beth, Jennifer or Lincoln from Attachments. Her characters make me want to be friends with them.

My secret library. To bad you can’t see my personal Starbucks Tea room on the other side. #girlcandream

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