Fantastic App Friday

Hello Lovies! Happy Friday. To celebrate this and every coming Friday, FIP has added a new weekly feature.  Every Friday FIP will tell you all about an app that we find noteworthy.

Today’s feature is DuoLingo!

Are you traveling soon and want to learn the local dialect? Or have you just been wanting to learn another language and haven’t gotten around to it due to inconvenience or cost?Well my friends, you and I can’t use theses excuses anymore.

DuoLingo is user friendly, absolutely free and available to you whenever via phone or laptop. The site features lessons in:

  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Irish
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Esperanto (really! how cool)
  • Turkish
  • Norwegian
  • Ukrainian
  • Welsh
  • Spanish
  • French (Oui!)


The site offers new members a tour to acclimate yourselves. Afterwards, the learning is broken up into series such as Basics or Phrases. You can go throw the activities and test yourself at the end.

Dare I venture to say, the site’s design is very kid friendly, almost seems like a game.  Children who can read and operate phones would learn a new language in a fun and effortless way.

The site was co-created by Luis von Ahn – a computer science teacher at Carnegie Mellon University and student Severin Hacker in 2012.  Since then, DuoLingo has been downloaded over 10 million times and won Best App of the Year.  The company has grown to around 30 people now.  The vision is to have 50 languages loaded by the next few months.

Definitely check it out. FIP gives it two thumbs up.

DuoLingo – Web Version

DuoLingo – Android App

DuoLingo – Apple







R.I.P Prof Snape


Alan Rickman, Harry Potter and Die Hard actor, dies aged 69

Media captionFilm critic Jason Solomons: “He had a gift for being sneeringly withering”

Actor Alan Rickman, known for films including Harry Potter, Die Hard, Truly Madly Deeply and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, has died at the age of 69.

The star was suffering from cancer, his family said.

He became one of Britain’s best-loved acting stars thanks to roles including Professor Snape in the Harry Potter films and Hans Gruber in Die Hard.

He also won a Bafta Award for playing the Sheriff of Nottingham in 1991’s Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

A family statement said: “The actor and director Alan Rickman has died from cancer at the age of 69. He was surrounded by family and friends.”

Alan Rickman in Harry PotterImage copyrightWarmer
Image captionRickman played the mysterious Professor Snape in all eight Harry Potter films

Harry Potter actor James Phelps, who played Fred Weasley, said on Twitter he was “shocked and sad” to hear the news. He wrote: “One of the nicest actors I’ve ever met. Thoughts and prayers with his family at this time.”

His twin brother Oliver Phelps, who played George Weasley, added: “Terribly sad news about the passing of Alan Rickman. A funny and engaging person who put a shy young actor at ease when I was on HP.”

TV star and Bafta ceremony host Stephen Fry wrote: “What desperately sad news about Alan Rickman. A man of such talent, wicked charm and stunning screen and stage presence. He’ll be sorely missed.”

Actor David Morrissey also paid tribute. He said: “So sad to hear the news of Alan Rickman. A wonderful actor and lovely man. Tragic news.”

Alan Rickman in 1978's Romeo & Juliet
Image captionHe made his TV debut in 1978’s Romeo and Juliet
Rickman and Juliet Stevenson with The Queen in 2000Image copyrightIan Jones/Daily Telegraph/PA
Image captionRickman and Juliet Stevenson met the Queen in 2000

The London-born star began his career in theatre, including with the Royal Shakespeare Company, before winning roles in TV dramas like Smiley’s People and The Barchester Chronicles in the 1980s.

He became best known for playing screen villains – including the role of Judge Turpin opposite Johnny Depp in 2007’s Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street as well as the likes of Hans Gruber and the Sheriff of Nottingham.

But he showed his gentler side in films like 1990’s Truly Madly Deeply, 1995’s Sense and Sensibility and Love Actually in 2003.

He earned Bafta nominations for his roles in Truly Madly Deeply, in which he played Juliet Stevenson’s ghost lover, and for playing Colonel Brandon alongside Kate Winslet in Sense and Sensibility.

He got another Bafta nomination for portraying the calculating Eamon de Valera in 1996’s Michael Collins.

The following year, he won a Golden Globe for best actor in a miniseries or television film for the title role in Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny.


10 Breakfast Sandwich Ideas for a Rushed Morning

10 Breakfast Sandwich Ideas for a Rushed Morning #theeverygirl

Being on time is usually the first thing on your mind when it comes to waking up in the mornings, next to making a cup of coffee. Breakfast is probably the last thing on your mind, so chances are, you’re grabbing a granola bar or something small to go. When did mornings become so rushed and breakfasts become so lame? (Probably when you snoozed your alarm for the fifth time in a row.)

I think we can agree that breakfast in sandwich, toast, or burrito form is the quickest and easiest way to get your food fix in before work or school. Whether you’re into runny yolks and avocados, bacon and cheese, or peanut butter and bananas, these breakfast sandwiches will get your morning started on an easier but delicious note.

Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches on Grilled Cranberry Raisin Bread

Source: Lunching Daily

Sweet Potato “Toast” with Avocado, Spinach, Prosciutto and Poached Egg

Source: Downshiftology 

Croissant Croque Monsieur Sandwiches

Source: Perpetually Hungry 

Huevos Rancheros Grilled Cheese

Source: Warm Vanilla Sugar

Roasted Pumpkin and Citrus Tartine with Whipped Thyme Goat Cheese

Source: Butter and Brioche

Bacon Cheddar Grilled Cheese Egg in a Hole

Source: Whisk Kid

Southwestern Eggs Avocado Toast

Source: A Simple Pantry

Whole Egg, Bacon and Avocado Quesadilla

Source: RecipeTin Eats

BBQ Pulled Pork, Avocado, Gouda and Fried Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Source: Cravings in Amsterdam

Easy Vegan Mexican Burritos

Source: The Vegan 8


Are your mornings usually rushed or do you take the time to make breakfast? 


From Books to TV – The Magicians



I don’t think we’ve talked about The Magicians Trilogy here on FIP but we should.  This is one of the darkest books I’ve ever read. I’d compare it to Harry Potter except I hate that HP has somehow become the Godfather benchmark on stories about magic.   But yeh, The Magicians has a school, has two boys and a girl – maybe one spare girl and lots of drugs, sex and an atheist undertone.  This book took my brains places far from fields of daffodils and pretty unicorns, it made me think of rapist gods, twisted people who own every dark corner of themselves, and of ugly sacrifices that go unappreciated. I loved it! Very smartly written and executed.  The author writes so you are satisfied at the end of each book but leaves out enough that you get the next.

I digress, this is not why I am writing today.  I write to tell you that SyFy channel has adopted the series for TV. I watched the first episode yesterday.  I read the first two books when they came out and have yet to work up the gall to finish the series. From what I remember about the books, the tv series is trying hard to stay true to the writing but is being strong armed into giving away certain pivotal clues (as early as the very first scene).

I wanted to scream! In the first 5 minutes, there was a clue to solving one of the best kept secrets in the book.  The characters are already coming becoming the people it took me 802 pages to find. WHY WHY WHY. I know why, we must entertain — always. Even if it is at the expense of our intelligence.

That being said, it’s surreal to see Quentin Coldwater. The casting and costume is pretty on point.

Who am I kidding, I’ll watch episode 2 ….and 3… and 4…. and gahhhhh.


Episode 1: