Fantastic App Friday

Hello Lovies!

This week’s featured App is Fooducate

Many of you may have heard about this app already, it’s pretty popular amongst the healthier (or in my case, wanna be healthier) crowd.  Fooducate grades your everyday supermarket foods based on ingredients and their wholesome values.  FIP was very surprised to find some of the grades on things that we considered healthy. Not looking for any lawsuits but OMG oatmeal what that high in sugar?! EEK!

Fooducate is a wonderful resource to help choose the best quality foods for you and your family. It even lets you scan items at the supermarket to see what grade they’ve gotten.  What you may not know is that, they have now enhanced the site to offer weight loss support.  The set up rings close to the Weight Watchers system with food points.  You can also find recipes, workouts and community support.

FIP is really feeling the added features. Definitely check it out.

Fooducate – Website

Fooducate – Apple

Fooducate – Android




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