Describe yourself in two words. Go ahead, take a shot. Thinking? Thinking? STILL thinking? Two little words that can be the topic of much pondering. While you ponder, I’d like to share the results of my self evaluation: Food and Books.

The marriage of these two words is the premises of this blog. There is nothing more satisfying than a rumble with a good book; and nothing more comforting than a good bowl of mac&cheese to wash away the day’s grime. Pair the right food with the right book and you’ve got utter bliss!

What is bliss if not shared. So here we will share, our bliss, our disasters and everything in between.

I will pair a book with a recipe and review them both. The catch here is that I solemnly swear to post every book that was fantastic and every book that I couldn’t finish. I swear to post every recipe that came out perfect and the not so perfect … PROMISE.

In return, I want to see how you all did. Try these recipes and share your pictures. Read the books and tell me what I missed. Let’s learn together and teach together.

– “M”


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